Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had to laugh this morning. My husband and I had what you might call a marital spat. it started over an umbrella. Some years ago I bought us each a small, collapsible umbrella to take on a trip to Italy. Since that trip he has kept his in his briefcase and I have kept mine in my suitcase. I bought mine in green with a yellow stripe and his in blue with a yellow stripe, so we could tell them apart. He got the blue with yellow because he's from Michigan (the maize and blue, I think they call it). Well, when he came home from his last business trip, he realized he had lost his umbrella. So he wanted mine. I said I would find him another one because I really like mine. He got angry. HIs exact words were "Gimme it". I started laughing because it sounded like a little boy to me. "Gimme it!" All day, every time I reheard that "gimme it" in my mind, I burst out laughing again. He became angrier because he thought I was laughing at him.

I decided to write about it and I looked up "spat" in Google Images. These are what I found. They made me laugh too!

Do I have a weird sense of humor?

Update: problem solved... later today he found his umbrella in his car!

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