Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of My Favorite Things

Here are a few more of the things that are special to me.

This is a photo of me with my dad. I was born on his 22nd birthday. It looks like I was trying to wave hello to someone. My nieces call it my "conehead" picture.

I have no memory of where or when I found these little drawings, but i find a place for them wherever I live. They are just simple little pictures that I find very charming.

I love sea glass and shells. I use them all around my house. When I can't go to the beach, they bring the beach to me.

I really like flow blue china. I have a small collection, mostly found at antique shows when we lived near Chicago. I like the colors and the designs.

This little table was made by someone in my family, several generations back. It has a marble top and a carved wooden base. When I was growing up, it was in my great-aunt's house. She was a very proper old maid who taught high school French in Piqua, Ohio. When we visited, she always required my sister and me to speak to her in French.

Last but not least... who remembers Daniel Striped Tiger? He's a shy young tiger, and he needs encouragement to try new things. I could identify with him when I was younger because I was afraid to fly. So, I took him with me when I flew. I was surprised how many people recognized him and remembered him from Mr. Rogers. Please note that he even has his little watch on his wrist.

You might be getting the idea that I tend to be sentimental. Some things are special to me, and I hold on to them, taking them with me along the way. It's comforting when I settle in a new place, to have familiar things with me.


Pam said...

I love to see what things are important and sentimental to people. Such lovely things you have around you!

rachel said...

Not sentimental at all! These are the things that make a home, filled with evidence of the emotional continuity of your life, much more than clothes, bedding and fridge-freezers could ever do!

judy in ky said...

Dear Pam and Rachel, you encourage me with your comments. Thank you.

Arthur Ransome said...

I just love these posts. That photo of you and your dad is wonderful and the little pictures are charming. I'd have hung on to them too.