Thursday, January 12, 2012

After Christmas

The wreath is still on my door, though it's beginning to look a little droopy now. I guess I will take it down today.

I am reluctant to take the ornaments off the tree in front because they look so colorful. If we were in Hawaii, it would be colorful all year... that's one reason I love it there.

Our homeowners association has a rule about leaving holiday decorations up too long. Last year we received a letter saying "take them down or we will take them away". The only decorations we had were two little artificial trees with white fairy lights. I thought it was weird because some places (restaurants, etc.) have white fairy lights up all year round. This year the trees are still out there but I unplugged the lights last weekend. I wonder if the trees have to come in too. I would love to have the lights on through the winter, to brighten up the season. Alas, the powers that be do not approve.

On the inside, most of my decorations have been put away. I still have a few around, just because I like seeing them. Fortunately the h.o. association doesn't inspect inside the house!

Meanwhile, our cats are busy doing their thing. This is Munchkin; she's a frequent subject of my photos because she is so cute. She's a little like a puppy; she gives us a certain look when she wants to play, then she runs around in circles and flops down on her side to have her belly rubbed. She's an extroverted kitty, the opposite of Tiger who is an introvert. Yet, they have become best friends. At first he resisted her efforts to play, but now they have a great time chasing each other around.

It started snowing today. The outdoor kitties are in their shelters on the deck.

They come up by the door to eat, then go back to the shelters if it's cold or wet. They look inside at us and seem interested in what we are doing, but if we open the door they run.


Bearette said...

A restaurant near us has fairy lights in the trees all winter. I love it.

judy in ky said...

I do too. It looks pretty and lights up the cold nights. I don't know why our h.o. association insists that we "go dark" in the winter. Blah!