Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking a Break

It has been a hectic month or so.  On May 17th we went to Philadelphia to attend a Bat Mitzvah.  Our trip was supposed to be a long weekend, from Friday to Monday.  As it turned out, I had an attack of diverticulitis and stayed in the hospital in Philadelphia until the next Thursday.  As a result, we missed our flight home.  My husband drove the twelve hours home while I rested in the back seat.  I was still pretty weak and sore.

I rested at home for a week, then we had a previously planned trip to Hawaii.  We consulted our doctor to see if it would be okay for me to go.  He gave us the green light, as long as I stayed on meds and kept track of any signs of fever.  Hawaii was relaxing and beautiful as always, but I didn't have my usual level of energy.  I tired quickly and slept a lot.

A week after we got home from Hawaii, we were scheduled to go to Michigan for a wedding.  I was so tired of traveling that I considered not going.  My husband was going to go either way, as his brother was getting married.  I decided to go.  We broke up the trip into two days, and I rested at a hotel halfway there.  It turned out my energy came back and I was able to enjoy the long weekend.

We had been home two days when friends from Philadelphia contacted us out of the blue.  They were driving home from Nashville and wondered it they could stop by and stay overnight.  We scurried around and got the house ready for company.  We went out to dinner and they stayed till the next day.  My husband had a prior commitment so I took them sightseeing most of the next day.

Yesterday (Friday) was the first free day I've had for a while, with no plans to travel or entertain.  What a relief!  We have some busy days ahead due to the holiday weekend then a string of family birthdays.  But this weekend is my refuge; I am not answering the phone or making any plans.  I am resting and reading and just plain being a "bum".  Some people seem to be able to just keep going non-stop, but I need some "down time" occasionally.  This weekend is my down time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend "Up North"

My husband's brother got married on Sunday.  The wedding was "up north" in Michigan, near Grand Traverse Bay.  We stayed near Traverse City, which is a vacation destination for many people.  Beaches, boating, fishing, golfing, lots of fun shops and restaurants.  We spent part of the weekend exploring the area.  Here are some of the photos I took, including a farmers' market on Saturday.

They were holding a funeral for a community leader at the City Opera House.

Farmers' Market

Someone knitted an outfit for this tree... 

Water bowls for dogs passing by, each paired with a dog themed book.

I think this pig was smiling at me... 

We tasted some wine. 

This reminded me of a hobbit house... the front door above and the back door below. 

I made my husband turn around and drive back so I could photograph the giant swan! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Harry and Sandy's Wedding

Harry and Sandy got married this weekend.  Harry is my husband's brother.  He and Sandy have lived happily together for twenty-plus years, and are grandparents.  We were all surprised when they announced they were getting married... finally!

The wedding site was "up north" in Michigan, near Traverse City.  It was a small town wedding, with close family and good friends.  It was a charming, low-key kind of wedding.

Their grandson was the ring bearer.  My husband took this photo outside the church before the wedding.  I love his expression.  I don't think he liked posing.

A tiny church in a tiny town.

Unofficial bridesmaids.

The groom's son was best man.  The groom's grandson was ring bearer.

The bride in the choir loft, checking out the scene below.

The groom and the best man watching the bride coming down the aisle.

The bride's cousin was scheduled to perform the ceremony, but there was a family emergency and a substitute minister was called in.  Here he greets the bride.  The matron of honor in the background, is their daughter-in-law, wife of the best man and mother of the ring bearer.

Exchanging vows.

The ring bearer, taking it all in.

The newly wedded couple, receiving a standing ovation and a hearty round of applause.

Emerging from the church, to a shower of bubbles.

One more kiss!

Time to take some photos...

Jackson is very cool.  He lives in California.

More of the wedding weekend fun:

A cottage on a lake...

Guests changed into casual clothes...

Toasts were made and speeches given.

You probably can't see this last photo because it was getting dark.  Women were doing a high kicking dance to "New York New York".  Soon after this, we said our good nights and headed back to our hotel.  It certainly was a fun wedding!