Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Before I Put It All Away...

I really enjoy all of my holiday decorations. I think it's a shame they come out only once a year. For example, these little snowmen look so jaunty. For some reason they remind me of Gene Kelly dancing in "Singin' In The Rain".

I also love these little reindeer; they are posed so gracefully. I like their tiny red noses and their white fawn spots.

The snowmen and the reindeer are all vintage Gurley candles from the 1950s, which I have been collecting. I find them all so charming. Here are some more of them:

I like to see the top of the fireplace all lit up with lights like a little wonderland with Santas and candles.

Last year my mother gave me her nativity scene and asked me to display it for our family get-together. I like the details in it. The expressions on the faces, and the body language of the little animals.

Of course, there are little stuffed critters too. I have so many collections... I just can't resist them.

I just have fun with it all! And now I have to put it all away until next year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Days After Christmas

These first two photos were actually taken before Christmas. I was putting the gels on the windows, and the kitty was outside, watching me. She is one of the feral kitties who use the shelters on our deck. I think they are only semi-feral now, as they are used to us coming and going and feeding them. There are eight of them, and they are like a part of our family now.

Finally, she reached up with her paw to see what this thing was. I like the way they interact with us; these little feral kitties have such personalities!

Today I went to my sister's house for a post-Christmas visit.

Everybody was busy, playing with their Christmas gifts.

Aubrey was putting together a mini-castle. She's wearing the Angry Bird hat I gave her. She loves it, and it keeps her head warm!

Molly was playing with the newest electronic thingy on the T.V. I think her dad stood in line at midnight on Black Friday to buy the electronic thingy she's using.

Sarah was showing my mom (her grandmother) how to program her new GPS:

My nieces are good at teaching their elders how to use electronic thingies! My mom and stepdad are needing more help as time goes by. They are both in their late eighties and still living in their own home. He can't drive at all because of macular degeneration and she drives only in daylight. My sister and her husband, who are both doctors, have recommended that they move to assisted living but they are resisting. I know... it's a familiar story among us Baby Boomers and their parents.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brown Family Christmas

Some of our family lives to the south; some of our family lives to the north. They all got together at our house Monday.

Here come the cousins!

Parker is the youngest member of our family.

Here he is with his cousin, Aubrey:

Here he is, checking out a bug-eye kaleidoscope from his stocking:

This is Parker's brother, Jackson.

Sarah models her new earmuffs...

Molly makes chocolate candy.

Cousins Emma and Molly are always glad to see each other.

"The boys" with their mom:

and tackling their uncle:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day at Home

Everything is quiet here today because we went to my sister's house to visit with the local half of the family. Tomorrow everyone is coming to my house to visit with more of the family from out of town (it's really for "Boxing Day" isn't it, tomorrow?)