Monday, December 5, 2011

Feral Cats - "Little Black Kitty" Division

We have a family of little black cats living outside our house. One of them seemed to especially like us so we adopted her and named her "Munchkin" because she appeared to be the "runt" of the litter. The following photos are her littermates, who preferred to live outdoors.

They shelter in igloos:

they climb trees:

they peek in our windows.

They even line up to pose!


Natalie said...

They are hauntingly beautiful... little eyes peering.

judy in ky said...

The eyes of the black kitties really stand out, don't they? I guess you can see why I feel compelled to take care of them.

Not Waving But Drowning said...

The one photo reminds me of a painting by a folk artist called Maud Lewis (three black kitties all lined up). They do make you want to look after them, don't they?