Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking a Break

It has been a hectic month or so.  On May 17th we went to Philadelphia to attend a Bat Mitzvah.  Our trip was supposed to be a long weekend, from Friday to Monday.  As it turned out, I had an attack of diverticulitis and stayed in the hospital in Philadelphia until the next Thursday.  As a result, we missed our flight home.  My husband drove the twelve hours home while I rested in the back seat.  I was still pretty weak and sore.

I rested at home for a week, then we had a previously planned trip to Hawaii.  We consulted our doctor to see if it would be okay for me to go.  He gave us the green light, as long as I stayed on meds and kept track of any signs of fever.  Hawaii was relaxing and beautiful as always, but I didn't have my usual level of energy.  I tired quickly and slept a lot.

A week after we got home from Hawaii, we were scheduled to go to Michigan for a wedding.  I was so tired of traveling that I considered not going.  My husband was going to go either way, as his brother was getting married.  I decided to go.  We broke up the trip into two days, and I rested at a hotel halfway there.  It turned out my energy came back and I was able to enjoy the long weekend.

We had been home two days when friends from Philadelphia contacted us out of the blue.  They were driving home from Nashville and wondered it they could stop by and stay overnight.  We scurried around and got the house ready for company.  We went out to dinner and they stayed till the next day.  My husband had a prior commitment so I took them sightseeing most of the next day.

Yesterday (Friday) was the first free day I've had for a while, with no plans to travel or entertain.  What a relief!  We have some busy days ahead due to the holiday weekend then a string of family birthdays.  But this weekend is my refuge; I am not answering the phone or making any plans.  I am resting and reading and just plain being a "bum".  Some people seem to be able to just keep going non-stop, but I need some "down time" occasionally.  This weekend is my down time.


the veg artist said...

I, too, am resting, after falling out of the shower (which is over the bath), taking the shower curtain and rail with me, knocking my leg on the side of the bath and then falling on a very hard bathroom floor, and hitting my head - hard! Luckily, husband was home. He took me to hospital. I have a bump the size of an egg on my head, bruises on my legs and arms, but seem undamaged.
I remember thinking as I fell "No. Not like this. I don't want to die from an accident in my own bathroom."
I am still a little dazed, and conscious of how lucky I have been. Resting on doctor's orders!

judy in ky said...

My goodness, what a scare you had! That's a terrible fall. Thank goodness your husband was home. My mom fell a few months ago and had an egg-sized bump too. She also went to the hospital; they kept her for observation.
Yes, please get plenty of rest. Your doctor is right about that. I wish you a full recovery.

Pam said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend Judy with the quietness and rest you craved. It is so necessary to recharge, and gently build up energy again when the body tells us to.
Best wishes also, via here, to Veg Artist - sounds a horrible experience.

judy in ky said...

I did enjoy the weakend, Pam. Now I'm back in "get it done" mode.