Friday, January 27, 2012


I have too much "stuff" in my house. I have been trying to rid myself of some of it because the house is just too full. It's not an easy process because I have collected so many things that I like. I decided to take photos of some of the things I will keep because I can't part with them.

See the photo above? Each of the pieces has a different history. I have had the lamp since 1970, when I had my first teaching job. I guess it's a typical 1970s style; I have always thought it was very cool. I call it my "mushroom lamp". Once, when the paper boy came to collect, he saw the lamp and said "does that do something psychedelic?". I bought the Hawaiian quilt in the town of Paia, which I talked about yesterday on the map of Maui. My husband and I were on vacation with another couple; the wife and I wanted to stop at the quilt shop but the men were impatient. I'm glad we stopped. The Bertoia chairs were a lucky find. I went to a warehouse sale for "Design Within Reach" one Sunday morning and there they were, marked way down. I think I got the little table at Pier One. I liked it because it has animals marching around the bottom. If you look closely, you can see Munchkin lurking behind the chair on the left side of the photo.

My Bentwood rocker is an authentic Thonet, made in Poland in the 1960s. I lived near Cleveland at the time, and we went down to the docks where they were selling imported furniture off the ships. I also bought an Italian butcher block table there. I still have it too, but I didn't take a photo because it's covered with my sewing stuff and looks very messy.

I have a thing for Noah's Ark, I guess because I have a soft spot for animals. I don't remember where I got this one, but I've had for quite a while. I have the animals approaching the ark, but I think they should be turned around as if leaving the ark, because the rainbow is there so it must be after the flood. Or maybe there was a rainbow when it began to rain, I'm not sure. Anyway, there is no bird so maybe it could be before the rain.

I bought this one at a craft show I went to with my mom. An old man made it; he was sitting there with his wooden creations and no one was looking at them so I went up and talked to him, and couldn't resist buying it. I think it made him happy. Notice the bird on Noah's hand.

This one is just a little Hallmark ornament, and I think it's very cute. Notice the bird perched at the very top.

I probably found these little etchings at a craft show, too. Under the chicks, it says "pecking order". This one makes me think of Natalie, of Chickenblog.

I like the body language of the penguins and the simplicity of the little squirrel set off by the triple matting.

I bought this crazy little clock at an art fair in Michigan. The bird doesn't chirp or anything; he just perches there.

This little wooden puzzle is from Mexico. They sell similar ones at the airport in Cancun, but I haven't seen one this detailed there. I really like the bright colors of the little birds.

Continuing with the animal theme, I love James Herriott's books. I have quite a few of them.

Some of the books I bought in my youth.

The magnets on my fridge: I'm afraid I have images of cats everywhere, in addition to actual cats. What can I say? When my niece and her husband came to visit one time, they decided to count the number of cat images in my house. I think it was something like 26. At least I don't have that many real cats!

Another poster (see yesterday's post). I've had this one forever and it has been in every place I've ever lived. Back in the 1980s I had wallpaper that looked a little like the wallpaper in the picture. I've always wanted to find a rug like that one, too.


Arthur Ransome said...

Thank you for showing us such lovely things. It's great to see into others' lives and the things they cherish. I'd forgotten all about Martin Leman until I saw your poster. I love your Noah's Arks, especially the one with the rainbow. It must be after the flood as the rainbow was the sign of God's covenant that he wouldn't do it again.

judy in ky said...

Good point, Arthur... I should have the animals heading away from the ark then. I'm happy to remind you of Martin Leman. I have a book of his somewhere, I must look for it.

Bearette said...

i want a mushroom lamp! and the penguins are cute too.

judy in ky said...

Bearette, I think you might have liked the 70s. I have seen a couple of mushroom lamps on eBay... the shades look the same but the bases are different.

littlemancat said...

Thanks for the tour. You do have some lovely things and a kind heart as well. Liked that you bought something from the old man. Sometimes at craft shows, I feel sad for the crafters who aren't getting much interest.

Catherine said...

You have so many cute collectable Judy! I love your Noah's Arks ~ very cute! I have a small house with very little storage. It's hard to part with anything. Good luck!
xo Catherine

judy in ky said...

Thanks for visiting, Mary and Catherine! I used to live in a larger house, so I'm afraid I collected too much to fit into my current smaller house. After we retire we will probably move to an even smaller house, so I must part with some things. Probably none that I have shown here, though.

Susan said...

love that gorgeous caned chair (that Noah's sitting on) xos

judy in ky said...

Oh thanks, Susan. That was a splurge on my part. I fell in love with it. It has very nice wooden carving on the back.