Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Birthday

My stepfather, David, was born on New Year's Eve eighty-some years ago. Yesterday we celebrated his birthday with my mom, two of my sisters, and six nieces and nephews. We all got together at a favorite pizza spot. I love it when the young and the old get together! (I'm somewhere in the middle, agewise.)

Mom and Dave, reading birthday cards. My mom is wearing her "celebration" colors.

My three nieces, back at their house. They are modeling their new hats; a cat on either end and a koala in the middle.

This is their dog Sammy (short for Samantha):

And Sammy, trying on Molly's koala hat:

This is my oldest niece, Erin, with her husband and son Jackson:

Erin and Jeff:

Jeff and Jackson:

Parker, the youngest family member. He's full of energy!
(Note: some of my iPhone photos come out too dark; I'm not sure why.)

The girl cousins, all together again. They have so much fun!


rachel said...

Lovely! And I want at least one of those hats!

judy in ky said...

So do I, Rachel.