Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Do They Always Ruin It?

We have always watched "Today" in the morning; it was just our thing. I really liked Jane Pauley (if you are not a baby boomer you might not remember her); I really liked Katie Couric; also, I really liked Meredith Viera. But I'm not so crazy about Ann Curry. There is something "fake" about her manner on screen; she interrupts too often and she is just kind of annoying. So, I started watching "Good Morning America" more and more. Apparently, many other did the same; GMA began to go up in the ratings compared to "Today".

I think a lot of GMA's new success was due to the team of George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts. I loved watching George and Robin. They are both very natural, smart and funny, and they have a good chemistry. Then GMA ruined it; they put Lara Spenser on. She is way too gushy for me. The problem is, they don't just use her, they overuse her. She is on the screen all the time. She is taking up all of the air time. She is on almost every segment; we hardly ever get to see George or Robin doing anything at all any more. I really miss them.

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