Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Best News!

The saddest news for a long time was the closing of Borders. I know many people felt the loss. I know I did. My niece Aubrey did, too; reading is her favorite activity, and she always asked for Borders gift certificates for birthday or Christmas gifts.

But now we have great news! Yesterday I was at the local mall, where Borders used to be. The building is sitting there, dark and empty. As I drove by, I noticed a new sign on the building. Joseph Beth Booksellers is coming!

Joseph Beth is coming! There are currently two Joseph Beth stores in Ohio and one is Kentucky. This fall there will be another one in Kentucky... at my mall! In the past I had to drive to Cincinnati to go to Joseph Beth, but soon it will be near me.

It's big!

It's beautiful!

It has a great kids' section:

and a cool cafe:



Natalie said...

What fun!
Makes me happy for you.

Gardn Of Weedn said...

I love a good book store! I could happily wander the aisles for hours, eyes glazed, touching the bindings, smelling the paper...
I believe it is genetic, as my mother, daughter and grand-daughter behave in the same manner. Enjoy your new bookstore!

judy in ky said...

Dee, I think it runs in my family too!