Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've Been Taking More Kitty Pictures

We have a little band of kitties that hang around in our back yard. They are feral kitties that we care for.

We call this one "Mama" because she gave birth to "Little Sister" and "Spot" before we had her spayed.

This is Mama up close, posing for me.

This is Spot, Mama's boy kitty. The people at the spay/neuter clinic gave him his name.

This is our little black kitty, Munchkin, looking outside. She was one of of three little black kitties born outside. While her littermates were standoffish from people, Munchkin wanted to come inside. So we adopted her. Here she is looking outside. Is she looking for one of her sisters?

This is one of Munchkin's sisters looking in. Is she looking for Munchkin?

Here they are, visiting through the screen door.


rachel said...

Do they ever meet up outside? Such pretty girls, both of them.

judy in ky said...

No, our indoor kitties don't go outside. I feel a bit bad about it after watching your cats having fun outdoors. Maybe I've been too protective. I do open doors and windows for them as often as weather permits.