Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Week of Summer

We were just driving down the road and I took this photo. Nothing special, is it? So why was it special to me? Because the sky is blue! A pretty, bright blue, with white, fluffy clouds. I have been waiting for days like this all summer. Mostly, we have had hot, humid days with gray, hazy skies heavy with humidity. The clear, breathable air is such a treat!

I spent a couple of days at our local pool. I love to float in the water; feeling weightless and free. It raises my spirits and makes me happy. There are days in the winter when I would give anything to have this feeling back.

I love how the water sparkles and invites you in. My idea of heaven would be to live in a place where I had access to this all year round!

We had a birthday party for my sister. She teaches French to high school students. Here she is, with her grandson, Jackson.

My niece Erin, with her son Parker. He is blurry because he never stops moving.

The kids had fun playing outside.

Later that night, my husband and I went to the Cincinnati Playhouse.

Labor Day weekend... the unofficial end of summer!

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