Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sorry if I'm negative this morning, but I feel a rant coming on!

I turned on "The View" this morning to see what "the ladies" had to say on the first show of the season. Silly me! I should have known it would be all about Sherri's wedding. Many viewers have complained that all they heard during the end of last season was Sherri yakking about her upcoming wedding. Well, I found out that they are not finished milking it yet. The "ladies" come walking out onto the set and Sherri has on her white wedding gown. The first thing she does is flash her huge diamond ring, then runs out front to show off her dress and shoes.

The ring! The dress! The shoes! That's what it's all about these days. Never mind the vows and the commitment and the marriage that comes after. It's all about the bling! No wonder so many young girls these days turn into Bridezillas. It's all about them looking and feeling like "princesses" on their big day. Then real life hits them in the face and "where is the fairy tale? Hey this looks a lot like reality!".

Forgive me for being a curmudgeonly old lady. I just think our priorities have gotten way out of whack. It's all about "stuff" and money and feeling like a "princess". The celebrity madness is out of control. Every time a young woman gets engaged the first thing everyone wants to do is "see the ring"... and she wants it to measure up. It had better be a huge diamond so everyone will be impressed. Well, how about getting engaged without a ring? Unheard of! Or a smaller ring that he can afford, so the couple can save for the future? Out of the question!

Listen People! There are better role models out there. Smart people, educated people, people who are doing more with their wealth than showing off with expensive "stuff". Celebrity worship is so stupid. There... that's my rant for today.

p.s. Okay, now I have blown off some steam. I have to give credit where credit is due. I think I heard somewhere that Sherri and her new husband asked that guests donate to charity rather than buy them gifts. I do love that idea. So unlike Kim Kardashian who had a wedding registry full of over-the-top expensive "stuff". Her wedding madness was a lot worse than Sherri's... I just happened to be confronted with Sherri's this morning, and it set me off.


Bearette said...

Agreed. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to want to watch these Bridezilla shows...which only fuels the madness.

judy in ky said...

True, and those "Real Housewives" shows... people like a lot of that stuff, don't they?