Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Update

Well, my pilates private lesson was postponed to Thursday... so no pilates yesterday. Instead, I drove to Cincinnati to get my new glasses. I wanted to get Silhouettes... they look like this:

They are extremely lightweight and rimless. I called every optician in my area, but no one carries them. Finally, I found a place up near Cincinnati that carries them. So, I drove across the river and got my new glasses.

Cute little optical store, in the cute little suburb of Madeira.

I decided to try "transitions" which darken when you go out into the sunlight. I'm not sure I like them, though. They seem to look dark all the time, even when I'm indoors. It gives a funny look, like my eyes are in shadow all the time, giving me a kind of sinister look. Has anyone else found this to be true?

I don't really need them to darken anyway, because I already use Solar Shields, which fit over your regular glasses. Like this:

The eye doctor told me I have the beginnings of cataracts, so I should wear these solar shields while I'm driving on top of the transitions. She said the windshield causes the transitions not to darken enough, and the light makes the cataracts worse. So much fun getting older!

Anyway, since I was already "up north, across the river" I decided to stop in at Kenwood Towne Center, which is an upscale mall where I go when I need the Apple store. They have Nordstrom's and other stores that we don't have down in Kentucky. I visited the food court and got some oatmeal raisin cookies and a bottle of water for the drive home.

Great big food court in upscale mall.

I also browsed for a while and saw some really cute shoes and some cool designer clothing.

This morning, back in Kentucky, I lost my cool in Kroger's. I got behind one of those "coupon queens" who was taking forever. She didn't have her coupons organized, just took a bunch out of a big, thick envelope and began trying to count everything and match it up with coupons, then arguing with the cashier when something didn't work. I already had all my items on the conveyer belt, and had to pick them all up again and move them to another cashier, two rows down. I guess I was huffing and puffing, and the bagger boy was snickering. I wasn't sure if he was snickering at me or the coupon queen. Oh well, maybe I looked silly, but jeesh! Maybe they could have a separate line for those people who want to take forever counting their coupons.


Bearette said...

He was probably laughing at the coupon queen :)

judy in ky said...

Who knows what a teenage boys laughs at!