Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sewing with Cats

This is Tinkerbell. We adopted her and her brother as little strays we found in our back yard.
This is my latest sewing project. See how Tinkerbell helps? I was just getting ready to cut the fabric when she came to lend her support.


anya said...

Hi Judy...
Your cats are lovely and your girls sound like a lot of fun. My grand daughter Katy is 10 and it is quite an adventure learning to be a "mom" again at this age. When you visited my blog you may have read that she lives with me. We've got Hannah, Camp Rock and American Girl too.

I have a mac like you (which I love so) and Safari is the default browser on Mac. That means unless you actively install and switch to another server that is the one you are using. I had always used Safari even though I also had Firefox. But I was having all kinds of trouble with my blog on typepad. I couldn't use their editing program for one thing. Typepad actually tells us Mac users that they aren't as compatible with Safari as with Firefox, and from what Susan said it must be the same with blogger. I think Firefox is a free installation. Go to their website: and you can find out. I think that once you download it you don't have to do anything else, though Susan would know better than me. Rather than just clicking the back arrow, on Firefox you have to use "history" and that drives me nuts. But everything else works great now. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm almost as new as you, so I find it funny that I actually had a tiny nugget of information to share with someone about the computer!

judy in ky said...

Hi Anya,
I am so happy you visited! It's good to hear from someone else who is learning all about the world of preteen girls. They are fun, aren't they? They often amaze me. Is Katy into Webkins? My nieces love them.
Thanks so much for the info on computers. I am still mystified by much of it. One question: if I install Firefox, do I switch back and forth between that and Safari, or does it replace Safari?