Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

I guess we are all thinking about September 11, 2001 today. For most of us life has gone on. For those families who lost loved ones life will never be the same.

When we heard what was happening, I left my office in Philadelphia and took the train home. I will never forget the look of shock on everyone's faces on the train that day. The car was silent... no one was even sobbing yet, I imagine because the reality still hadn't sunk in.

My mom and dad were on vacation, and were due to fly home that day. My sister and I went crazy, making phone calls, trying to find out where they were. As it turned out, they were diverted to Canada. They were taken in and treated extremely well by the people there. We heard that many others were kindly "adopted" by Canadian families in the days that followed. I know some bloggers are in Canada, and I wanted to mention how much that meant to us.

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Jenny Jill said...

You are correct: many Canadians have adopted Americans in a great many crises. We do try to do our part - my husband (now retired) was in the airline industry here in Canada and worked hard for 30 days straight to get all planes and people back home. A great many folks worked long and hard hours behind the scene.

With our northern climate we are a tough people. Double-digit minus temperatures do not faze us!

Terrific photos, BTW.