Friday, September 12, 2008

A Beginning Quilter

This is my latest project, a black and white patchwork quilted pillow. I have just cut the pieces and am now getting ready to sew them together. I am going to put this same design on both front and back, with a framing of solid black with tiny white dots. My favorite part of this process is picking out the fabrics and matching them up. I love designing them, and I love had quilting them. The cutting and machine sewing is just mechanics to me.

I have seen all the photos in all the books of cutting several layers of fabric at a time with a rotary cutter, but it has never worked for me. It never cuts all the way through. Or the cutter slides off into the fabric pieces. I don't know what I do wrong, don't press hard enough, or have dull blades (I have tried brand new ones with the same results). So now, I just measure, mark, and cut each piece separately. It sure takes a lot of time.

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