Thursday, September 4, 2008

Building a Blog

I started this blog two days ago.  (I would love to come up with a better term than "blog" but it seems to have caught on.)  Now I am anticipating putting some photos here, but I am not sure how to do it.  I enjoy looking at the photos that other bloggers post.  They are so good.  They obviously have good cameras, and they know what they are doing.  I aspire to be like them, but it will take time.  I am a beginner.  A beginner at my age?  The thing is, I hope to never stop learning.  

Two years ago, I walked into the Apple Store and bought a MacBook.  I had no idea how to make it work, and was afraid to press any buttons.  What if I did something irreversible?  How could I make videos appear and sound come out?  How could I get connected to the internet?  

Fast forward to now.  The cable company came out and connected me.  I took a couple of beginner's classes at the Apple Store.  I began to read blogs.  It was fascinating... a whole world to explore!  It took me a year to learn to use i-Photo.  I got a second hand digital camera from my sister and learned the basics.  I figured out how to transfer the photos to my laptop.  That's about where I am now.  They are on there, but I'm not sure what to do with them.  

I am determined to show you some of my photos.  My quilts, my cats, some of the places I have traveled.  Stay tuned...  

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