Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Step at a Time

Okay, I got picture and text together, but the picture is supposed to be lined up with where it says "this is where I want to be".
So, how do I maneuver things into proper position? (It's a rhetorical question, unless you know the answer... I will keep experimenting).


Susan said...

Hi Judy, when you first click on the photo icon to upload a photograph a box opens. Add the top it says add an image from your computer if you look below this it also gives you a choice of layout (for example on my blog I always have this set to "none") This way the photo on my blog will always take up the whole width of my text area. Also look to the right and it gives you a choice of photo size. I always keep mine set to large.

Occasionally I want to insert a smaller photo and have the type run around it as you did with your holiday beach photo - in this case I set the layout to "left" and the photo size to "small".

Hope this helps. Just came in from a stroll around my jungle and a chat with some men who own chainsaws tractors and the need & desire to clear land. Yahoo !

Have a great weekend. xo, S & Winn.

judy in ky said...

Thank you so much Susan. It's really good to know you are there!

Susan said...

Glad I could help ... Blogger really is quite amazing and once you get the hang of it fairly easy to use. What browser are you using. I switched to Firefox - which is much more compatible with Blogger.

Happy Sunday. xo, S & Winnie

judy in ky said...

Actually I'm not sure what browser I'm using, that's how new I am to the whole thing. It must be Safari, as that's what came on my laptop. Is Safari a broswer? How do you switch to Firefox? is it compatible with a Mac?