Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Blogging Question

I need help from experienced bloggers. See my post below? Both pictures are together, with the text underneath. I know there is a way to intersperse the pictures within the text but can't figure out how it's done. (You know, you start with a photo then some text about that photo, then another photo with more text... how do you do that?)
If anyone can help... thank you!


Susan said...

I guess I'm your little blogger help line. Wink. Once you've uploaded your photos and have your text written you go into edit HTML and cut (hilite and command key plus x key) and paste (hilite and command + v - check your top menu under edit to find these key commands) your photos within the text, wherever you want them. I also add a return between all photos and text either while in edit HTML or when back in compose.

Hope this makes sense.

xo, S, Miss D, Lulu (who's hanging in there and our apt. has been canceled for this week), Bleet, Oliver & Gus

judy in ky said...

Thank you, blogger help line buddy!

I'm happy to hear about no appointment tomorrow.
Lulu is a beautiful cat.. glad she is hanging in there.

anya said...

Hi Judy, I was just able to catch up on your blog this morning. Comments from me: Yes, Katy is sort of consumed by Webkins.

I switch back and forth between Safari and Firefox because when I'm just cruising around I prefer Safari's letting me back click back to as many previous sites on my screen as I like. But with Firefox, it always says "are you sure you want to close all your tabs" and I never want to. I may be missing something there, though some little trick I don't know yet.

I too have been interested in the big boom machine. Glad to see we are all still here! I don't understand much of that, but the mystery of it (to me) has always fascinated me.

And by by the way....your quilted bags are just lovely.

Have a lovely day

judy in ky said...

Hi Anya,
Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your comments.