Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rittenhouse Square

When I worked in Philadelphia, my office was just three blocks from Rittenhouse Square. It's a lovely little park in the heart of the city. In the spring, it's full of blooming azaleas. In the summer there are outdoor tables at all the adjacent restaurants. There is a wonderful outdoor art show every year, and often there are impromptu concerts from students at the Curtis Institute of Music across the street.

Rittenhouse Square is a magnet for office workers at lunchtime. Most days, I walked there myself. The whole Rittenhouse area is full of tree-lined streets with colonial rowhouses, beautiful old churches, and stately mansions. There is a walking tour of Philadelphia that features world-class architecture, and many of those places are in this neighborhood.


Natalie said...

You have a blog... how did this escape my notice? You should have spilled... no matter... now I have some catching up to do.
You have a Janome too? Mine came last Christmas and I am still learning all of it's possibilities. Aren't we lucky?

judy in ky said...

Hi Natalie! Welcome to my three-week old blog!

Susan said...

Your city posts make me long for a city visit. I fondly remember my wee commutes down town and getting lost in my book for a short time each morning and end of day. I especially loved the shiny silver food vendour photo ... makes me think of NYC, the smells and the sounds and the thrill and exhileration of walking around one of the most exciting cities (to me) in the world. I've never been to Philadelphia ...but I'm sure it is thrilling as well. xo, S.