Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Brain Freeze"

Do you ever have so many things racing around in your mind that it overheats and just shuts down? I think I'm there. I have been obsessing over the news recently. It's very distressing, but I can't bring myself to ignore it. I should be exercising. I should be sewing. I have a stash of fabric a mile high and can't think what to do with it. My closets need cleaning, my fridge needs organizing, my whole house needs to be put in order.

I have three or four unfinished projects on my sewing table. I don't seem to be able to concentrate enough to accomplish anything. Riana (on her blog) talked about Mercury in retrograde... could this be the problem?

The picture is our coffee table. It represents our house and my life... all cluttered and disorganized. Later today, I will pick up my three nieces from school. I will try to get them to do their homework, try to get them to eat something healthy, and get them to gymnastics class in time, equipped with leotards and the proper shoes. I will try to ignore their pleas to get stuff out of the damn vending machines in the lobby. (Sorry, swearing for emphasis.) I have to get myself together so I can be the responsible adult. Some days that comes naturally. It doesn't feel that natural today.

Do you have days like that? What do you do about them?


anya said...

Hey Judy...I just realized that yesterday I referred to your girls as your "grand daughters" when I should have said "nieces".

Well, I get into a cycle like your situation on a fairly regular basis. The only thing I've found to do, once I tire of ostrich behavior (just sticking my head in the sand...or in a good book) is to do one little bitty thing at a time. Day before yesterday I wanted to grab something out of this certain alarmingly crammed cupboard and everything tumbled out. I didn't stop to think about it...I yanked every single item in there out onto the floor and then I HAD to organize it. I felt ridiculously satisfied afterward. I'm trying that a lot lately...like starting a big complicated project, for instance finishing my "bunk house" so someone can actually sleep there, by making that first little phone call that sets the project into motion. It's awfully slow progress, but it's painless!

Read Susan's blog today about "thinking shallow". That's probably the best we can do when thinking about the financial news right now.

judy in ky said...

Hi Anya,
I wrote a post called "Grandma Judy" about our granddaughter in California... that's probably what you were thinking about.
I read Susan's blog... that's a good idea.

Jenny Jill said...

The economic news requires digesting. No question. Something I think we miss in this busy day and age, is settin' on the porch, thinkin' time. This is allowed. This is a gift you can give yourself. Judy's blog, "Every Day is a Gift", is a good one. This is the time to regroup, rethink and process what is going on.

Some days you just have to give yourself permission to "let go and let God", or the Universe, Spirit, or whatever your spirituality point, to take over. This is the time to let that 'still, small voice' enter your mind, body, spirit and soul. Women are very good at feeling guilt. We need to let it go. We put food in the freezer to preserve it. Sometimes we need to do this for our souls.

When I was giving palliative care to my father I was so numb, as well as being in a depression. I gave myself permission to just 'be' on days when I needed it. I gave myself permission to let my husband look after me: meals, housekeeping, dishes, while I concentrated on simply feeding dad one meal a day. I left the LTC home crying most days. It was awfully difficult. But I made it through by only solving problems and carrying out the activities I felt like doing. That was the gift I gave myself.

I felt I had to respond Judy, as this speaks to where I was a year or two ago.

Susan said...

I don't know about others but I LOVED seeing the photo of your coffee table. I think one of the evils of the mind is somehow believing it's just "us". It's lovely & refreshing to see that others struggle as well with stuff and clutter and the desire for organization.

Shallow Thinking is my new mantra - it takes much practice ... but it's working for me - the Queen of the deep dark thoughts. Wink.

xo from S & Les Gang

mommapolitico said...

Hi judy,
What a buncha cuties! Great solution for the restaurant choices-will have to try that myself!
Anyhow, I think we have the same coffee table. I swear it came from the store with built-in piles of stuff...The Hubby and I work full-time and Little Man and Tweenie are busy kids with too much stuff! Add the work I bring home to that, and it's total overwhelm and the entire weekend is spent playing catch-up. Man, I hate that.
My new plan, which has worked so far for all of three days, is to attack one small area or one project that's doable/bite sized each day. Today was the shelf in the hall closet. The game closet was the day before. Anything unused or outgrown goes to charity or is into storage (kid's art, etc.)My theory is that if I can make some kind of forward motion each day, then life is good. I thought I'd start by clearing out storage areas...so I can store more stuff! :) I aso feel a lot les guilty if i do one small task each day. I'll let you know how long this three day stint lasts! :) hang in there!

judy in ky said...

Hi mommapolitico,
It's good to hear from you! I have been working on my storage area for almost three years! When we moved here we left a big house and "downsized" to a smaller one. I think I am still trying to fit everything in. I think I need to turn my attention to the pantry for a while... every time I open the door, something falls out!