Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Need for Change

I was feeling the need to change this blog. I was posting photos and telling stories, yet generating no response. I thought maybe I was becoming boring. So, I redecorated... a new template, a new background, etc. Then I got lazy and just put up some cartoons. I am determined to make it better.

I am trying to think up a new approach to this blog. It's a personal thing that requires changing your whole outlook. I do indeed need a new outlook. I've been staying in the house too much (it's too hot). I've been sitting in the same chair too much (while reading how sitting shortens your life). A couple of years ago, I went with a friend to a women's retreat weekend. Part of the program was a Zumba class. While the other ladies Zumba'd energetically, I dropped out after a couple of minutes. I was panting and sweating; I was so discouraged at being so out of shape. The other day, I watched hundreds of women Zumba-ing on the Today show. I was jealous. Why can they do it, and I can't? I NEED to get in shape.

I intend to remake not just this blog, but myself as well. Exercise, yoga, pilates, so many forms of exercise from which to choose. Just choose one! just get up and do something (that's me, talking to myself). Ever since I moved here and stopped working, I've been at a kind of loss. I will let you know how it goes.


Natalie said...

SITTING here too, thinking how right Judy is<---that is me, talking to myself. I keep saying I am going to walk, or try yoga, but then the day is over, and I wake up the next day and make the same mistakes, take no action.
Can't we help each other?

judy in ky said...

I think we can, Natalie. I go through exactly the same thing day to day. Would email work? Just discussing what is going on each day, and comparing notes?

Bearette said...

Maybe walking to start? Is there a picturesque country road you could follow?

Susan said...

What about taking a course ? an art class of some sort ? Why not take a photo course. I know you've mentioned your camera - you'd meet people with like interests, learn about your camera, take more photos etc ... it would get you out walking in search of great light, beautiful scenery, flowers etc... it gets me out (& Missy D).

or volunteering somewhere ?? If you want an excellent reason to love walking adopt a dog ??

And I think you're right about a blog having a focus. There are sooooo many blogs now ... I think successful blogging is about finding your voice, your point of view, your passion and having that speak consistently on your blog.
Hope this is helpful ;-) xo Susan

Susan said...

ps. Here's a crazy idea. What about going back to work. You seem so young (& vibrant) to be retired. I can't imagine being retired and I LOVE my new part time postal clerk job ???

judy in ky said...

Bearette, I love walking if I can find a nice, leafy place to walk. It's just been too hot and steamy recently, but this will be my go-to activity with fall approaching.

Susan, I will look for a class... with schools starting up now, there should be some starting. I've always been reluctant to commit to anything scheduled, but I think I need to... rather than just drift.

Everyone: thank you so much for your interest!

judy in ky said...

Susan, my neighbor told me the same thing recently... that I'm too young to retire! I will keep a look out for something interesting.

rachel said...

I would echo those people who recommended walking - especially once the temperature drops a little, Since I became a dog owner, I have discovered how very pleasurable it is to walk - and it doesn't have to be strenuous - and how many people you meet and talk to on the way! Good luck, whatever you decide to take up.

Gardn Of Weedn said...

Hey Judy, how about walking to the nearest elementary school and voluteering as a reader (actually it's a listener, as the little ones are the readers) the schools always need help and the work is wildly rewarding. Maybe? Dee