Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm All Mixed Up!

Blogger and Google have ganged up on me!

When I first got on the computer, I signed up with aol for email. I was still on aol when I started my blog. Sometime after that, my aol email just crashed and wouldn't let me access it anymore. When that happened, I started using gmail. As a result of this, I ended up with two Google accounts: one for email and the other for my blog. I have to switch back and forth, depending on what I am doing.

It gets even more complicated when YouTube gets involved. I originally opened a YouTube account using my old aol account. Unfortunately, I completely forgot what my password was. So, when I tried to get a new password via email, I couldn't access it. So, I set up a new YouTube account using my second, gmail-related Google account.

So, now I have a blog through my aol account and YouTube through my gmail account. It seems this makes them incompatible. I am unable to embed a YouTube video to my blog. Blogger apparently doesn't recognize my gmail-related YouTube when I try to put it on my aol-related blog. Is that confusing? It is to me! To make it more confusing, YouTube has been giving out messages that "we are no longer using the old Google settings, so you have to go to new Google settings... I don't even know what that means! What are the "old" settings? Where are the "new" settngs? Are mine old or new? Does anyone understand these things?


Susan said...

You don't need a youtube account to upload videos - I've never had one. Cancel the other google account (get the Google help desk to help you if you need to). Hope this helps a little bit.

judy in ky said...

I didn't know that, Susan. I'm going to work on it.