Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Birthday!

Sunday was my niece Aubrey's 12th birthday. I made her birthday cake.

Here she is, blowing out the candles. She wanted an iPod Touch for her birthday. Her older sister Sarah got one for her birthday in June, and her younger sister Molly got one for her birthday in July. Aubrey always has to wait, as her birthday comes after her sisters. We all chipped in on it. The girls are into all the techie gadgets now, and they are expensive. They get the techie things from all of us, then little individual gifts from each of us.

Speaking of techie gadgets, I am just about ready to buy one for myself:

It seems I have to in order to keep up with all my friends! We no longer use the phone; we communicate through our "devices". I guess I will have to have my nieces teach me texting.

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