Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Healthy

Two posts ago, I explained my trick for not sitting too long and losing track of time. I set a timer and when it goes off, I get up.

Today I took another step toward getting healthy. I had read in Woman's World Magazine (8/1/11) an article about Dr. Oz's diet tips. Part of it was to have a smoothie for one meal, and there were recipes for five different smoothies.

I had tried making smoothies before in my old blender, and it hadn't worked very well. So, one day last week I went to my local WalMart and bought a Ninja for $39.00 (I don't normally shop at WalMart, but they did have the best price).

Yesterday, I went to the grocery and bought all the ingredients for making smoothies. I scoured my local Kroger's trying to find protein powder and flaxseed oil. There were a million kinds of protein powder so it took a while to choose one. I never did find the flaxseed oil (even with the help of store personnel) so I bought one that features omega 3, which the flaxseed oil is supposed to provide. I bought bananas, berries, no fat no sugar yogurt, and fruit juice. This morning, I made a smoothie with a banana and blueberries. I love berries and have been reading how good for us they are, so this is perfect for me. Oh, by the way, the Ninja worked great!

I am combining the smoothie idea with another idea that I read in another magazine. You make a pancake (or galette) with oat bran, egg whites and plain yogurt and eat it once during the day. I've been making and eating these for a while now, and they really are filling (you eat only one). When I started making these, my husband, who always seems to find his way into the kitchen when he hears cooking going on, decided he wanted some pancakes too. I explained to him that you're supposed to eat only one, and that it was a special "diet" thing. He said okay, so now he is eating them too.

Okay, my timer is going off, so I am going to get up now. Time for the third part of my plan (and the most difficult for me)... exercise!

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