Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clearing the Decks!

Today I am getting ready to have my house cleaned. i have just hired a cleaning lady to come in and clean my house. She's been cleaning for my neighbor for two years and comes highly recommended. She will be here tomorrow morning at nine a.m. What have I been doing today? Cleaning up for the cleaning lady!

The first time she cleans (tomorrow) she spends a longer time and does a very thorough job, to lay the groundwork and start with a "clean slate". This first time costs twice as much as subsequent times, so I want to make sure the decks are clear for her. So, I've been removing everything portable from all the floors and all the flat surfaces so she will have room to work. This has taken the better part of the day and I am exhausted! I never realized how much stuff I have just sitting around!

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Pam said...

Can't think of a better gift to yourself Judy! Here's to a long and happy association. I have always had various houses I've lived in professionally cleaned on moving out, and it has been worth every cent to be able to concentrate on other things.
A cleaning lady would be one of the first things on my wish list right now, but like you, I'd always be cleaning for the cleaning lady!