Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stone Steps along Forbidden Drive

I couldn't resist, one more photo from Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.... doesn't it look like a scene from Middle Earth?

Happy October, everyone!


Susan said...

Wow what a beautiful place and lovely photograph. Thanks for making my weird anxiety seem not so unusual .. I too always have a great time once I'm on my way and do consider myself to be a very happy traveler. Anxiety seems to me to be mostly about anticipation - it's always all the "pre" business that gets me going.

Your election is totally riveting to us up North and likely to the whole world.

anya said...

What a serene place. I love beautiful, old stonework.

Your nieces are darling. You are so right about kids wanting to know the rules and once they are spelled out, everything's fine. Katy and I switch pick on Saturdays with we go toe the big town down the mountain for soccer. This week is her week to choose where we eat and I suspect she will pick Red Lobster because she is hungry for shrimp!

Valerie said...

I didn't realize there were people on those steps until today. The size alone is breathtaking.