Friday, October 3, 2008

Never Discuss Politics or Religion

As stated above, I tend not to discuss these outside my own home. (Inside my home is a different matter... my husband has endured many of my rants.) You see, I am surrounded by people who disagree with me, many of them in my own family. I am not going to change their minds, and they are not going to change mine, so why cause hard feelings?

My mother and step-dad went to the McCain rally in Dayton, when he announced Palin as his V.P. pick. They came away very excited. They loved her... said she was "a breath of fresh air". Another family member (who lives in Ohio) told us that it doesn't matter how we vote, because Kentucky is already in McCain's pocket. This still won't stop me from voting for Obama... maybe a miracle could happen in Kentucky.

I doubt that we who support Obama will see Kentucky go our way, though. I do see an occasional Obama bumper sticker around here, but I'm pretty sure most people in these parts do not agree with my way of thinking. After all, this is the home of the Creation Museum, which exhibits man coexisting with dinosaurs. Sarah Palin would approve.

I'm not going to go into a rant here, but I need to express a few things:
1) I am still angry about the "Swift Boat" thing
2) I can't believe there are people who voted for George Bush twice
3) I thought Sarah Palin was "snarky" in the debate last night, and wish Biden had challenged her more

According to John McCain, his and Palin's critics are those who "attend cocktail parties in Georgetown". That's not true. I have never been to a cocktail party in Georgetown.


Jenny Jill said...

Good points, Judy! I think it up to us to discuss, debate and reflect both inside and outside our homes!

I feel that Ms. Palin is just too folksy for me. I believe that the 'suits' who run business and politics have a heavy influence, but I want a politician to look as if they are able to run with the complex, sophisticated issues of the day.

This is the type of language I'm "talkin'" about, that does not reflect someone with an education who has the smarts and the sophistication to work with Senators and world leaders to make change.

Nice job! I must go blog about our Canadian debate now!

bb mcclain said...

I'm with you on this Judy. I can't believe people go ga ga over Sarah Palin. I can't believe McCain chose her as a running mate. She's 100 percent fake and I wouldn't vote for her if she were running for the local dog catcher.