Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interesting Days in Kentucky

It's been a crazy couple of days! On Wednesday my husband decided to take a break from working and go for a bike ride. He said "I am going for a bike ride" and I heard the door close. Out he went. About one minute later the door opened again and he came back, holding one arm up in the air. "I just broke my arm" he said. I went out to the driveway and picked up the fallen bike, his cap and broken sunglasses with it.

It was noon. Our doctor's office is closed for lunch from noon till one. We drove there anyway, and he pantomimed a broken arm through the window. Fortunately, they let us in. He got an Rx for an x-ray. Then we went next door for the x-ray. It confirmed that his arm indeed was broken. We took it back to the doctor's office and they gave us a referral to an orthopedic surgeon across town.

I drove him to the orthopedic surgeon. What a nightmare! He is a notorious backseat driver, telling me when to pass, when to change lanes, etc., etc. We were looking for an unfamiliar address and had to turn around and go back a couple of times. We finally found the address and he went in while I parked the car. He came back out, telling me that the surgeon had moved to a new address. They had given him the address but no directions. We drove around, trying to find the new address, while he was in pain and not being a very patient patient. We finally found the surgeon's office. I filled out four pages of forms for him, then we waited for two hours. The doctor was running late and we were an "add on" so we were the last to go in. While we waited, we got to watch Fox News on the waiting room TV, as the stock market crashed all afternoon.

He finally got to see the doctor, who had to set his arm (very painful, apparently) and applied a cast. At six o'clock we left with a prescription for painkillers. My husband surprised me then. The first place he wanted to go was my sister's house so he could show off his cast to our three nieces. They have had their share of casts over the years, so they could relate. We showed up and they were all excited, taking turns signing his cast. It ended up being fun. Well, as fun as a broken arm can be!

The next two days were equally interesting, but that's enough for now.....


Jenny Jill said...

I am sending out a message to for those parents wondering what to do about preventing a tragedy.
We have had a terrible time here in Ontario. Here is some info to help you protect your children while in the computer or gaming. I hope it helps someone.

It is a terrible tragedy, such a shame that the media keeps mentioning the 'fight with his parents' line. Many of us have to set limits for our children. Sometimes you just cannot prevent your children from getting into trouble. Your husband, of course, is a different case!

Valerie said...

Sorry to hear about your Hubby. I hope, for your sake, he isn't the kind that whines and cries over every ache and pain. I live with one of those.. As big as they are, some of them can sure be babies.;-)
P.S. I answered your picture question on my blog. See Ya Later

Susan said...

Woah ! or is that Whoh ! what a day you had. Yikes ! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. The final electioncountdown is now on. I cannot bear to watch either John or Sarah speak ... at all. I'm praying for your country, fingers crossed and glued to the US election ... and not so much the stock market. Wink. xo, S, Miss D, Bleet, Oliver& Gus

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan, I can't bear to watch either of them speak, either... it sends my blood pressure up.
I received my photo-art-print-greetings cards today. They are beautiful. Everything first-class all the way, the prints, the mats, the packaging... thank you.

Pherenike said...

Poor Hubby!