Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kentucky Cats

When we moved here almost three years ago, we brought one cat with us. We weren't really thinking about adopting more... then these two showed up. We have a wooded area at the back of our lot that has a small stream running through it. Apparently it's a hangout for a little group of stray cats. Soon after we moved in, these two tiny kittens started creeping out from under a willow tree in our back yard. They were always together. At first they were very shy. But they kept coming up to visit us and we started feeding them. This went on for one whole summer. I went out and waited for them to come out every day. Soon, I was worrying if I didn't see them for a day or two.

One day I looked out and there they were, curled up in a planter on the back porch. This is the photo I took. Who could resist these two? Look at them!

Well, when the weather turned cold we set up a little tent on the porch for them and put straw in it. They lived in that little tent for a while, coming and going. Finally, we decided to adopt them and bring them inside. We were going to call them Tinkerbell and Tigerlily from "Peter Pan". When we took them to the vet, however, we found out one was a boy... so they became Tinkerbell and Tiger.

We weren't sure how they would adapt to being indoor pets. We had had some experience with stray cats before, and they were not adaptable. But these two settled in right away. They got along with our older cat. They used the litter box without fail. They were quiet at night and never woke us up. They adapted easily and have never caused us any trouble. Now they are best friends with our older cat, Katie. We are one big happy cat family!


Natalie said...

When animals choose us, join our families, it feels like such an honor. This is a happy story... what a nice morning treat to sweeten the day with.

Mim said...

that is a sweet picture
Thanks so much for your good wishes for bailey.. we are very concerned!
hope you are well

BumbleVee said...

awww...what a couple of sweeties...

Jenny Jill said...

I am so relieved that normal people have more than 2 cats. We have three! All from Humane Society placements and abandoned or abused cats.
One cat is abnormal-totally afraid of her shadow and cannot be picked up. One managed to tree a fisher (weasel-like thing) but our latest is really friendly.
The 2nd one scared the first(Mitzie) and Mitzie has lost 1/3 of her weight. I like to have animals around that are more disturbed than I!

judy in ky said...

Little Tinkerbell (on the left) could be picked up from day one, but we still can't pick Tiger up (he loves to have his head rubbed, but doesn't want to be picked up).

anya said...

Well yes...who could resist those two? Clearly they chose you and your home. It isn't the right time for Katy and I to have a dog yet, but if one "chose" me and just came up to the house, we'd have to keep it. Can't ignore those things. (of course, considering where I live, that would be unlikely.)

Susan said...

How sweet and those are two very lucky cats to have found you. I love my dogs, but I love my cats just as much in a different way. xo, S.