Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sick Day at Aunt Judy's House

Yesterday I took care of my nine-year old niece. She had a sick day from school. She was sneezing a lot but came through fine. I took some photos, which are featured here.

After pancakes for breakfast, she sat down to use my laptop... the Webkins site, you know.

We did some sewing... I worked on my quilt project and she made a little doll-sized pillow out of scraps. She asked me if I had any "fluff" she could use. (Fluff turned out to be batting for the pillow.)

Then we went over to her house to let the puppy out. The puppy's name is Sammy, which is short for Samantha. Of course, I had to see their new trampoline in the back yard. I did something I hadn't done for at least forty years... I jumped on the trampoline.

Well, that was our day. At three in the afternoon we picked up her sisters from school. We went home and they all three jumped on the trampoline. I would tell you more, but I'm a little tired this morning. It was a busy day!


K/\|\||\|/\|\| said...
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Malandro said...
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Susan said...

good for you to jump on a trampoline...I think we need to do more things like that. xo, S.

Bearette24 said...

She looks like she's going to be tall. I like the puppy, too :)

Natalie said...

You had a full day!