Friday, October 31, 2008

Rabbit Hash Politics

If you are weary of election news, there is an event that you might like to follow for a more light-hearted approach. If you can, tune in to "CBS Sunday Morning" this Sunday morning. They are covering the mayoral election in a little town called Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Rabbit Hash refers to itself as a "hamlet", which means it's smaller than a village. This little hamlet is located on a bend in the road overlooking the Ohio River in rural Kentucky. For years, their mayor was a Labrador retriever named "Junior". Well, Junior passed away this year, so they are electing a new mayor. According to my morning newspaper, there are nine dogs, a donkey, a cat, and at least one human running to replace Junior (whose full name was "Junior Cochran").

On-line voting is taking place until 6:00 pm Monday. The reporter remarks that "these politicians are acting like animals".


Natalie said...

I will tune in. I like CBS Sunday Morning.

Bearette24 said...

:) So they don't have a human mayor?

judy in ky said...

No human mayor that I know of... and they seem to do just fine.