Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Little Blondie"

I have written many times about the feral cats behind our house that we have spayed/neutered, and for which we provide food and shelter outside.  They are all well-behaved cats and they get along with each other quite well. When we first began caring for them, they were cautious and would back away from us when we opened the door. Now they recognize us when we open the door to feed them, and run toward us.  A couple of them will actually let us pet them.  I think they might be half tame.

We have a table that shelters the food dishes from the rain.  Sometimes the cats will jump up on the table and peer in at us.  They seem to be curious about what goes on in the house.  Yesterday, I took a photo of one of them looking in at us.  We call her "Little Blondie".



Pam said...

She is beautiful and looks very content as well as curious.

judy in ky said...

She and another cat have been playing with each other all afternoon, just outside my window. They do seem very content.