Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Night in Hollywood

Tonight Hollywood hands out the Academy Awards.  A row of the Oscar statuettes stands awaiting their fate.  Who will take them home?

Tonight the "beautiful people" will gather on the Red Carpet, surrounded by fans and photographers.

Much will be said about what the ladies are wearing... or rather "who" they are wearing.  As in "who are you wearing tonight?".  Many of them are wearing multiple people.  "The dress by so-and-so, the shoes by "so-and-so", the bag by "so-and-so" and the jewelry by "so-and-so".  Most of it has to go back to the "so-and-sos" after the big night, but sometimes the stars get carried away and mistake it for a gift.  As Sharon Stone did one year; the designer took her to court and she had to give the dress back.  Or as Lindsay Lohan recently did; she had to give the dress back but she ripped it apart first.

In the middle of the photo are Angelina Jolie and Stacy Keibler.  Much was said last year about Stacy looking like an Oscar statuette herself.  Much was said also about Angelina's long leg slit.  I thought it look silly, the way she kept sticking her leg out.  It looked to me like she was trying all night to trip someone with that foot.

It always cracks me up when the actresses turn around to give everyone a good view of their back sides.  They all do it.

And they all get the same "I dare you" look on their faces when they do it.

There have been various people serving as hosts for the big Oscar show.  Billy Crystal was a long-time favorite.

This year, however, the Academy decided to appeal more to the younger generation, so they hired Seth MacFarlane for the hosting duties.  I think a lot of people over 40 will probably say "Seth who?".  In fact, that's exactly what my husband said.

Nine movies have been nominated for "Best Picture" this year.  I have seen only two of them, "Argo" and "Silver Linings Playbook".  I thoroughly enjoyed both of them, but I have to say "Silver Linings Playbook" was my favorite.

I didn't see "Django" because it was too violent (I did see a preview).  I didn't see "Zero Dark Thirty" because I see enough on the news.  I didn't see "Les Miserables" because it looked too depressing (I saw a lot of clips of Ann Hathaway).  Same with "Amour", too depressing (I heard).  I didn't see the other two because they were only shown in little indie theaters too far from us.

Actually, I'm not even sure I will be watching the Oscars tonight.  Masterpiece Contemporary on PBS is showing "Page "Eight" with Rachel Weisz and Bill Nighy!

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