Monday, February 4, 2013

I Need The New York Times

When we moved to Kentucky, I felt out of touch with the rest of the world.  The local newspaper features mostly local stories, but not much detail about what is happening elsewhere.  I could go to the bookstore and pick up The New York Times, but sometimes making the trip wasn't convenient, and sometimes they were sold out.  I could order it to be mailed to me, but that was too expensive, plus the news would always at least a day old by the time it got to me.  I decided to compromise by ordering The New York Times by mail just for the Sunday edition.  I usually received it by Monday or Tuesday.  The news was still a day or two old, but it allowed me to catch up with what was happening.

The Sunday Times would last us the whole week, reading a section at a time.  My husband always took the Sports section, the Book Review and the Travel section first.  I took the Week in Review, Sunday Styles and front page sections.  Another big plus is the Magazine.

There is always something interesting in the NYT Magazine.  But the biggest thing for me is the crossword puzzle.  The Sunday Crossword Puzzle is my brain exercise.  It keeps me from getting rusty.  I always grab it and start on it right away, fill in the easy ones, then work on it the rest of the week.  It's a fact that when I put it down and come back to it, I always find some answers that I just couldn't think of before.  I guess my mind gets refreshed after a break.  I can solve the entire thing about 90% of the time.

The Sunday Times by mail isn't inexpensive though, even only once a week.  The price went up several times, eventually reaching $40 per month.  When my husband was laid off his job, we decided it was a luxury that had to be sacrificed.  Since I didn't want to go without it altogether, I looked into several digital versions.  I decided to buy the version for my Kindle Fire, which was the most reasonable.  Instead of receiving it just on Sunday, now I read it every day.  Actually, I find that reading it every day is much preferable to Sunday only.

As I read the paper on my Kindle Fire this morning, I realized I was learning things I otherwise would never have known:  details about the Euro crisis; the heating oil/wood burning crisis in Greece; the ancient manuscripts in the Ahmed Baba in Timbuktu; cyberweapons; Monterey shale; increase in conversions to Islam in France; a plane crash that killed a Presidential candidate in Paraguay.

I like to know about important events going on in the world.  So much escapes our attention if we don't pay attention.  I need the New York Times to help me pay attention.



the veg artist said...

Here in the UK we have access to quite a few free online newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, but the Times went onto an online fee basis a while back. Our TV news also gives good world coverage.
Are you able to access the BBC World Service (radio) there? A 24 hours service, it is on through the night on our BBC Radio 4 frequency, and is my middle-of-the-night can't-sleep listening!

Pam said...

I'm with veg artist.
I find The Telegraph my first port of call for news in the morning on-line, even though it is an overseas paper, and the BBC world service on the radio during the night has fascinating reports that never see the light of day in Australia.
It really is not good that local papers are so insular - research found that our local paper catered to an average reading age of 10. What makes the front page here is very parochial and usually locally sports-based.
I remember when I lived briefly for a couple of months in Connecticut the size of the weekend New York Times - have never seen a newspaper like it before or since!

judy in ky said...

We can listen to the BBC on the radio in our car because it has satellite radio. I also have a small radio in the house, and I usually listen to NPR (our public radio) on that. I wonder if I could find the BBC on that radio as well. I'm going to try.

An average reading age of 10! That's surprising! Our broadcast news here is terrible. It's full of celebrity nonsense and political propaganda.

the veg artist said...

I don't know if this link will work, but I can listen to the BBC radio over the computer. Worth a try?

judy in ky said...

Definitely worth a try. Thank you!

Pam said...

I found that surprising too Judy, but when I looked at it, it made sense. Our national paper "The Australian" (surprising name?)caters to a more intellectual audience and while not overwhelmingly popular with the general population has a dedicated following of thinking people, sharp and constructive journalism and well researched academic content. The Weekend Australian makes for great reading.
Our state newspaper is a bit of a joke, and referred to as feeding into the large country town mentality that is Adelaide.