Sunday, February 10, 2013


My new favorite show is "Justified".  The main character, Raylan Givens is based a short story by Elmore Leonard called "Fire In the Hole".  Leonard is also a producer of the show.  Raylan is a federal marshall working in Kentucky hill country.  He grew up in Harlan County and managed to get out of there, but was busted back for a "justified" shooting.  He has been described as a "19th century" type lawman, wearing cowboy boots and hat.  He has to deal with a myriad of mean, redneck criminals including rival drug dealing clans.

Raylan is a cool character with a devilish streak.

Timothy Olyphant plays Raylan Givens.  He has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards for this role. Critics have praised the writing, directing, and acting.  The critics have described in better than I could, and I agree with them.  

The critic from "USA Today" said:  "As you'd hope from a show based on Elmore Leonard's work, the plots snap, the dialogue crackles, and the characters pop."

A critic from "People Weekly" wrote:  "What gives the show its kick is the gleefully childish lack of repentance shown by most of these rascals, countered by Olyphant's coolly amused control."

Here are a few of the "rascals" with whom Raylan matches wits:

Raylan finds time for romance, too.  The girl in the picture has a really mean ex-husband.  Raylan has an ex-wife himself, and at present she is pregnant with his baby.  It's complicated.

If you haven't seen it, give it a try.


Pam said...

I often wish we could meet or at least see and have interviewed the writers on very successful television shows. Perhaps by their very nature they are happier behind the scenes. We don't have this series here, but some of the ones we do, husband and I have acknowledged to each other how very good the writers are, working hand in hand with the actors of course. I guess each provides the others pay packets!

judy in ky said...

Some are definitely happier to be behind the scenes; I know I would be. A long time ago my picture was in the paper for winning a contest and I was hesitant to go outside my house! I didn't like the thought of people recognizing me!

The man who originated the character in "Justified" is a well known writer of novels and short stories. They don't always get interpreted successfully for the screen, but this one has been.