Sunday, February 17, 2013

We Went Shopping Yesterday... Here

Jungle Jim's is a local hot spot.  It's like Trader Joe's on steroids.

They repurposed many items when they built the store.  The monorail, above, was taken from the Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati.

There is a vintage fire engine ready to put out any fires in the hot sauce department.  

There is a large wine area, a beer cave and a cigar store.  Just about anything you need to have a party.

There are play areas for kids and just plain fun things for everyone.

Corona beer comes with Mexican music.

There is a lot to see every time you look up.

There are cheeses from all around the world.

All kinds of butter from around the world, too.

A wonderful bakery as well:


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...



I have never seen a shopping scene like this.

Wild, Judy. Do they have their own label, too, or have they just gathered a huge variety ?

judy in ky said...

They have a huge variety from all over the world, and they do have their some things under their own label too.

Pam said...

We had a similar set-up in the city with an indoor mall roller coaster instead of monorail. Teaching in a very small country town at the time, I used to find the noise and those sort of shopping visits totally and completely overwhelming, after the quietness of country life and limited choices.
I can still get overwhelmed by the craziness of too much choice and activity. Interesting to see it on offer here - sounds like you had a good time!!
(My Mum used to take my daughter on the roller coaster - while I escaped from the noise - what a champ!)