Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast

My niece, age 13, going to the Father-Daughter Dance at school last week.  When we moved here, she was just a toddler.


Pam said...

How lovely Judy!(if you get on well with your Dad, as your beautiful niece appears to). Wonder if there were many, like myself, who would have found it a trial, or just impossible. They both looked blessed to have each other. Such a happy photo -bet the students had lots to talk about after the event!- so happy you shared it, so happy for both of them.

judy in ky said...

My three nieces get on well enough with their Dad, Pam. Of course, they have the occasional complaint about being pushed to do their chores and their homework. But he is good to them, and they are lucky. She was so excited about her dress. She and her Mom shopped for it together. She's normally such a "tom boy" and prefers pants and shorts to skirts, but I think she truly enjoyed looking pretty for the night.

Pam said...