Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

There is a bit of a gloom around here today.  Last night we were watching "The Tudors" on DVD and saw Thomas More executed.  I think we should have watched something a bit more cheerful on New Year's Eve.  Now my husband is watching "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy" on cable.  It's a gloomy story with a gloomy tone.  No one smiles or laughs much in that movie.

My husband is a man with a cold.  You know what that's like.  He's in his bath robe, coughing, his usual bustling self nowhere in sight.  I am getting ready to go to the grocery to replenish supplies.  The weather is gloomy, too.  It's cloudy and colder than freezing.  I am all bundled  up, ready to go out and face it.

I am determined to lighten things up around here.  The Christmas decorations are still up, and I think it's good to leave for a while, as they are cheerful.  I will go out and soak up what little sun there is to be had.  Of course I am hoping for a happy new year and a visit to a sunny beach some time soon.  I hope it's sunny and cheerful where you are!


rachel said...

Well, it's fairly cheerful round here, but no one has a cold, so that helps! Hope all improves soon. Leave your decorations up until Jan. 6th (Twelfth Night) when it's officially ok to take them down!

judy in ky said...

Good to know, Rachel. Thank you for reminding me of Twelfth Night. I will keep that tradition.

Pam said...

With all good intentions of dismantling, my Christmas tree is still up so good to know I have until Jan. 6th. to take it down.
I think you two need to be tele-ported to Hawaii immediately (take the box of tissues).

judy in ky said...

Dear Pam, I am wishing for tele-portation.

Susan said...

oh no Judy does he have a man cold ?

your house with cats & Christmas decorations looks so beautiful & cozy. Much love from all of us & a very Happy New Year xoxo Susan & les Gang

judy in ky said...

Oh yes, Susan, it's the dreaded man cold! LOL!!

Much love from us here in KY to you and yours and wishes for a very happy new year!