Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well, here is my new attitude.  Time to adapt to changes.  Monday morning we have a conference call with our Medicare adviser.  Thursday we have a meeting with our retirement financing adviser.  We are not going to take my husband's job loss lying down.

I have been doing the last bit of putting the Christmas decorations away.  When I got these out in December, my husband still had a job.  Now he doesn't.  Oh well, we will manage.

Here are some of my favorites:  Gurley candles from the fifties.

Snowmen... kind of "Fosse-esque" don't you think?

Rudolphs with their red noses and their little white fawn spots.  I had thirty of them all in a row, and they reminded me of the Radio City Rockettes.  I pictured them in a line, kicking their legs up in unison.  (Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me.)

Munchkin and Tiger were checking out a length of pine roping I took down.

Munchkin, wondering where the Christmas tree went!  "But it was right here!"

So here is another of my inspirations for today... reference the title of my blog.


Pam said...

Tiger really does look like my cat in that photo. I've always found cats to be healing and soothing to have around. Hope they can soften the edges of these new processes you are dealing with. Thinking of you.

judy in ky said...

You are right, Pam, my cats definitely soften the edges of life. They are companionable and amusing every day. Each one has his or her own unique personality. We brought one cat with us when we moved here, and the other three were adopted as strays. It's as if they were meant to be with us.