Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter

It was family tradition. Every Easter my mom made a big dinner and the whole extended family would gather at her house. She always made her famous Easter Egg cake, which was served on a bed of green coconut and decorated with jelly beans. I have photos of myself, my sister and our cousins posing with our Easter baskets. Several years ago my mom admitted that it was too tiring for her, in her eighties, to do all the preparation and hostessing. It became my turn to take over from her; so, for the past three years, everyone comes to my house on Easter Sunday. I prepare dinner and make Easter baskets for all the children (four nieces and two nephews). These are the Easter things I have gathered so far this year. It's fun just looking at them. It brings the promise of spring to my house, while it still looks like winter outside.

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rachel said...

What a lovely tradition to keep up, and what fun for you to be the next one to be the hostess! I hope you all have great fun.