Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

This is our little house in the snow. I am very thankful for my 4-wheel drive vehicle, which is in the driveway.

These are icicles hanging from our porch. Doesn't it make you cold, just looking at it?

This is our back deck, and those are the little shelters we put up for the feral kittens who live in the back yard.

Yesterday we had to shovel a path for them, so they could come up to the back door where we feed them.

This morning, one of the little black kitties came up to the window for a curious look inside:



rachel said...

You are such a good friend to those little ferals! Lovely that they have such tender loving carers in this hard winter.

judy in ky said...

I do worry about them out there in the cold, but they seem to be thriving.

Bearette24 said...

Wow. It's amazing how much snow you got. Up north, it snows pretty often, but doesn't accumulate. Strange.

judy in ky said...

Yeah, I'm afraid we're lucky that way!