Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cat Fur Everywhere!

Cats! We love them, feed them, house them, buy them toys and beds. We really wouldn't want to live without them.

But the fur! The fur is everywhere!

Too true!

I have four indoor cats, and cat fur is everywhere! It covers all my carpets and rugs. It's all over my furniture. It's all over my curtains and drapes... even the shower curtain! I have spent a fortune in cat hair removal products. I have a sticky lint roller thingy in every room. I have Pledge fabric sweepers for pet hair. I have a Eureka Pet-Mate vacuum. I haven't tried the Furminator yet, but I have ordered two from eBay.

The cat fur looks like this:

And this:

And this:

At my house, this is all too true:

First we had Katie. Most of the dark fur comes from her.
She sits on the coffee table, and leaves fur there:

She sits on the sofa back, and leaves fur there:

She sits on my husband's desk while he works, and leaves fur there:

Then we got Tink and Tiger. They leave white fur everywhere, great big clouds of white fur!

And now there is little Munchkin... adding her black hairs into the mix!

As I said, I have ordered a couple of these. I have high hopes for this thing!


rachel said...

So do I. Let me know how you get on with the Furminator - I have the same problem as you! The only thing that keeps my bed fit to be slept in is the BIG sticky roller from Muji, and the Miele Cat & Dog vacuum makes a huge difference to the carpets - but only for a few hours. So generous, cats, so generous....

BumbleVee said...

that whole 'nuther cat is pretty funny ... it's the reason I don't get another cat myself after not having to put up with cat hair in my poor eyes for so many years now...I've just grown away from all of it I's easier....

Natalie said...

Lucky for them we love 'em.