Sunday, February 21, 2010

Travel Worries

In a few weeks, we are going to Italy... to the Amalfi Coast. So, what am I worried about? When it comes to traveling, I worry about everything. The long flight. Making our connections. The weather. What to pack? I always get nervous when anticipating a trip. Suddenly, staying at home in familiar surroundings looks better to me.

See these photos? It's beautiful there, isn't it? Most people would be eager to go. I am worried about my cats. I am worried about leaving my house. I am worried that I am packing all the wrong things. I am worried about not being able to communicate in a foreign language.

Don't get me wrong. Once I get to where I'm going I always have a wonderful time. I love seeing the world. I relax and enjoy everything and go with the flow. It's just the anticipation that gets to me. I always have to go through this. I drive my husband crazy during the weeks before a trip. "Oh, maybe we shouldn't go." "How much money would it cost us to cancel?" I get this tendency from my father. He was always nervous before we took off on a family vacation. He would fret and worry, wringing his hands and not sleeping at night, thinking of everything that could go wrong. What a legacy! But I know I will go; I always do. And I know I will have a wonderful time; I always do. It helps just to write about it.


Bearette24 said...

I get nervous right before traveling, too. But it looks wonderful.

Natalie said...

Spell it all out.
You know I do!
I think we can see all the things that might go wrong and we mentally prepare, so that in the middle of the actual event we can relax, knowing we have done all we can to prepare.
You do have to go, because I need postcards from your trip! It looks AMAZING.

rachel said...

The good thing about all this perfectly natural worrying is that you know it doesn't last, and that you relax into your travels. And the language barrier? Just smile a lot, and point, and you'll get by on the basics like Please and Thank you in Italian. It looks stunning, and I am so envious!

Theresa said...

Have fun!

Momma to LG said...

I offered to go in your place!!!!

Moose said...

If my mom would have known earlier she would have offered to house sit!!! Can't wait to hear all about the adventure. Tail Wags & safe travels.