Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Don't Know What To Say Now

I wrote a post about "Lost". Then I deleted it. I was so invested in the show. I really liked the characters. I was looking forward to the last season.

Now I don't know what to think. The sixth and last season began in February. With each new episode, I felt a sinking feeling. But I kept watching, hoping the next one would be better. But that hasn't happened. After tonight, I'm not sure I will ever watch it again. The characters are being turned into zombies. The story line has gone far, far afield. I believe this is what is known as "jumping the shark". I guess you could say I am disappointed and disillusioned. Oh well, it was good for five seasons.


Bearette24 said...

Yes, and they all jump eventually. I wonder if the writers just go out to lunch at the end...

judy in ky said...

You're right. I think they got carried away.

rachel said...

I felt like that about ER after devoted watching for as long time. The characters seemed to have a new personality each week..... eventually I just gave up and stopped watching.

Mim said...

I never watched "Lost."
I guess I feel lost enough!! ha.
I haven barely been blogging, although still reading everyone.
Sometimes I think my little life has become kinda mundane and not blog worthy! We shall see.
We still have snow on the ground since before Christmas.. too long for this area. Cold as well.
I am ready for spring and I see you are ready for easter with your 'girls.'!