Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's That Time Again!

A combination of Easter and Spring Cleaning! We are moving winter things to the basement and bringing up spring and summer things. Moving furniture, changing rugs, taking down and rehanging curtains. Cleaning behind every corner. It's exhausting! The carpet cleaners are coming next week, and my husband will be out of town, so we have to get all the furniture out of they way this weekend. Next Sunday I will have a houseful of people for Easter dinner, and everything has to be ready. (I would say "perfect" but it's never perfect... just "ready" will do.)

I pulled out these photos from last year... now it's come around again.


Natalie said...

Won't it feel wonderful when you are ready?
I am aiming for that feeling and accomplishment too.

rachel said...

Lovely to see Spring flowers for Easter. Alas, we have a forecast of snow.....