Sunday, March 21, 2010


We had a wonderful week in Italy! We just got home. I have many stories to tell and many photos to share. That will have to wait a day or too, though. I really need to put my feet up and relax right now. Flying across the Atlantic wears me out! But, believe me, it was well worth it.


Moose said...

Welcome Home! Did you pet lots of dogs in Italy? Mom can't wait to hear all about your trip. Please don't make it sound fantastic as her & dad are wanting to go somewhere for the big two five in the fall...I think they should stay in CO & pet me!
Tail Wags to adventure stories,

judy in ky said...

Hello Moose! I am happy to be home again, but I did have a fantastic time in Italy. We saw many handsome dogs there. Some of them live in an old city called Pompeii, where many people come to visit. They all wear red collars and are very friendly. (The dogs, not the people!)
I know your mom and dad would probably enjoy staying in CO and petting you for their big two five. For our big two five, we went to Maui and found that very nice, too.
You will be able to see some pictures of Italy, when I put them on my blog. It's a very beautiful place.