Monday, March 8, 2010

Where Is He Today?

President Obama is speaking in the Philadelphia area today, at Arcadia University. I am waiting to watch it on C-Span. Arcadia is in Glenside, Pennsylvania, which is in Montgomery County. We used to live there, and I miss the area very much.

Two of our very best friends still live there. The husband is a professor at Arcadia, and he is leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the Arcadia event this morning. He will also be signing the words to the Pledge. Our friends are very involved in the deaf community because they have a son who was born deaf. He graduated from Galluadet University in Washington, D.C. I miss our friends and our community there.

I was proud to live in the Philadelphia area. There are great people there. We have good friends there. We had a good life there. We moved here to be closer to our families. I wish we could live in an area where we have both. Our friends are there this morning, hearing President Obama speak. I wish I were there with them.

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